I created Urban Oasis educational tours out of necessity…

When my husband and I launched my first clothing line Ceola and his line Charles Alexander Neckwear from our loft on Spring Street in Soho, we quickly encountered a series of challenges and obstacles. We faced production, quality control and financing problems. Looking back, I now realize that we certainly had the requisite creativity and passion but were ill-prepared for fashion as a business. We didn’t speak the language of the industry. We had to learn everything through trial and error—and the latter quickly added up.
Our lack of formal training and preparation was both costly and time consuming, but the learning experience has proven invaluable! I ended up creating an educational tour with students and emerging designers in mind. Our mission is to provide access, information and resources to people who want to blossom in the world of fashion–and help them achieve these goals much more effectively. As an added bonus we offer NYC shopping tours and individual styling session that can complement any of our educational tour itineraries.
Over the years, our tour has grown organically and today its reach extends not only to fashion design, merchandising, and communication students but to tourists, stylists, seamstresses, locals and more. Basically our tour is for anyone who wants to explore what the industry has to offer beyond the street level.
The best resources of the Garment District and manufacturing in NYC are hidden treasures! It has taken me several years to uncover many of its secrets–designer showrooms, production facilities, and fabric and trim stores. From concept through to production, I teach clients about the different stages of garment production. Through teaching I share my knowledge, contacts, and connections to make this a one of a kind unique New York City experience!
Come join us!